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Daily Prayer: Understanding & Sympathy

Today’s Prayer Topic: Understanding & Sympathy

20130711-185332.jpgHeavenly Father, I come to You today in prayer to pray for my understanding and sympathy. I know I lack compassion sometimes, which hinders my sympathy towards someone and their situation. Lord, please help me realize that everyone is on a different path and humble me in remembering where I’ve been. I pray that You turn my thoughts in such a way that would be more understanding and give me the ability to sympathize with people, no matter their circumstance. I need to focus on their heart instead of their decisions. I’m eager to reach people on a deeper level. Thank You for understanding me, even if You did not agree. Also, thank You, Father, for Your compassion in my life. Without these things, I would have felt alone and worthless. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The purpose of our Daily Prayer:
-For new believers coming to know Christ who are new to prayer.
-The daily topics can highlight on issues that you’re currently struggling with.
-While there is no “perfect way to pray”, these prayers are great to be added to your own prayers each day.

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