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Today’s Quote: “…it is always a thousand times less than we deserve…”

The Lord afflicts us at times; but it is always a thousand times less than we deserve, and much less than many of our fellow-creatures are suffering around us. Let us therefore pray for grace to be humble, thankful, and patient.

-John Newton (1725-1807)


How To Be A Better Christian: 10 Ways


Explore other avenues of expressing your faith

  • worship praise

  • journalism

  • Bible study

  • make something (pottery, painting, crochet)

  • Read your Bible

  • seek answers only in the bible

  • give only scriptural answers

  • be knowledgeable in the Bible

  • Take yourself into nature

  • be in a quiet place

  • appreciate Gods creations

  • separate yourself from technology

  • Take care of your body

  • discipline yourself to an exercise regime

  • eat healthy

  • be mindful of excessive sun exposure

  • stay clean and attractive to your spouse

  • Donate

  • monetary donations through tithing to your church and/or charity

  • your time to church groups, community outreach and christian organizations

  • recycle unused furniture, clothes, non perishable items, etc.

  • Prayer

  • be comfortable with long conversations with God

  • commit a designated lot of time to spend talking with God

  • pray aloud with your spouse and family

  • your first reaction to the positive and negative of your life should be to pray

  • Be open-hearted

  • be open to new Christian ideas

  • be open to everything in the Bible

  • be open to wisdom, to be rebuked, and to the commands by God that may be uncomfortable.

  • Always be humble

  • don’t boast or brag

  • admit to your faults

  • never pray selfishly

  • don’t become a sanctimonious Christian

  • Always be thankful

  • be thankful of everything and everyone in your life

  • be able to notice your blessings

  • see positive and see God, not your problems

  • Be devoted

  • commit everything you do to The Lord, glorify Him

  • be the example to non-believers

  • understand that religion is man-made, faith is God-made

  • Daily Prayer: Give Thanks

    Today’s Prayer Topic: Give Thanks


    Lord, I come to you today to give thanks. You have blessed my life in so many ways and I can never thank You enough. Thank You for my (home, my job, my spouse, my kids, my family, my pet(s), my health), for all of these things I am truly grateful. I know I will always fall short of the glory of You, Lord, but I pray that with these blessings and the gifts you have bestowed upon me, that I may use them to please You. Lord, use me in ways I can never imagine. You have done so much for me in my life, beyond any stress, worry, or problems, I know that You are in control. You complete me, Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins, because I know I don’t deserve it. Your never ending love is enough, Your timing is enough, Your strength is enough; Thank You. In Your precious name I pray, Amen.

    The purpose of our Daily Prayer:
    -For new believers coming to know Christ who are new to prayer.
    -The daily topics can highlight on issues that you’re currently struggling with.
    -While there is no “perfect way to pray”, these prayers are great to be added to your own prayers each day.

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