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Daily Prayer: Rest

Today’s Prayer Topic: Rest


Lord, today please give me rest. Give me a chance to take a nap, sit down and read a book or just enjoy a cup of coffee. I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Father, You know my deadlines, You know what my to-do list says and You know all my goals. Help me to meet all of these and give me a time when I can rest and relax. If I’m being unrealistic with my goals, Lord, please give me the peace in knowing that I’m doing my best and give me opportunities each day to stop, relax and refocus. Thank You, Heavenly Father, in Your name I pray, Amen.

The purpose of our Daily Prayer:
-For new believers coming to know Christ who are new to prayer.
-The daily topics can highlight on issues that you’re currently struggling with.
-While there is no “perfect way to pray”, these prayers are great to be added to your own prayers each day.

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