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Kindle Sale! $0.99 04/26-04/27: Let Me Walk with You: Letters of Faith and Strength

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Let Me Walk with You: Letters of Faith and Strength by Gisela Yohannan

About The Book:

Are you feeling alone or overwhelmed in your journey with the Lord Jesus? In this volume of letters, originally addressed to women serving on the challenging mission fields of South Asia, Gisela Yohannan shares precious lessons from her own life and insights from God’s Word that will fill your heart with faith and strength, no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus. By His grace, you will make it!


Click here to see if it’s still on Sale!



GRIFFIN by M.C. Wright on SALE on Kindle! {Book Relaunch}

newimageCheck out the RElaunch of a new book series called Griffin by M. C. Wright. Apparently, there’s been a few tweaks on Amazon including a brand new book cover!

Abby Cannon discovers her recent move and new friends in Knoxville are more than coincidental. Caught in a snare weaved by a band of secretive friends, Abby seeks to untangle herself before she’s killed by the creatures who chase her. A handsome museum curator may have the answers she needs; but, he’s as evasive as her new friends. Even her ex from Atlanta seems to be involved.

In her quest for the truth, she discovers ancient myths, deception, and a death that affects her more than she ever expected. A single act thrusts her reality into a world that isn’t supposed to exist- at least not to an ordinary person. This world reveals itself to her and expects her to be part of it. Abby must choose her fate in a battle of good and evil. Either way, she knows the world as she knows it will never be the same.

====A book whose main character struggles with her identity alongside an ancient war of good and evil. Who can she trust?
Sequel Coming Summer 2014!!!

My Review: This is a great, entertaining read, for young adults. It is very clean, not preachy, and full of adventure. The Christian message is very subtle, yet there’s a distinct line between good and evil. The main character finds herself at the edge of good and evil, which is something we all face: deciding right from wrong.

It was very interesting seeing the young character battle with emotions and fears, similar to what young girls face in their youth.

The author will be coming out with the second book this summer! Check out the first book now!

Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study by Ashley Ferris- {GIVEAWAY!}

Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study By Ashley Ferris

About the Book:

Let’s explore the gift of friendship- what a devoted friendship looks like, how to handle the waiting period, and how to deepen current, valued friendships.

If you are in a season where you find yourself light on friends, I want this study to be an encouragement that this season will have an expiration date.

If you are in a place where you feel you have many friends, I hope you can use this study to evaluate the depth and purpose of those friendships.

It may spur you to take risks to deepen some already beautiful friendships. It may also help you see that there are some unhealthy ties that may need to be prayed over and potentially ended.

Finally, if you have friendships that are deep, but you tend to pull away when you are confronted, I hope you will see the value that lies before you. I pray that you will endure uncomfortable conversations with deep friends (that you know have your best interests at heart) in order to grow in friendship and as a daughter of the King.

Connect with author Ashley Ferris here:
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We are so excited to celebrate this Kindle new release with you by hosting a giveaway! Just enter for your chance to win a Kindle copy of Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study and a $50 Kindle gift card!

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This giveaway is sponsored by the Becoming Press Book Launch Bloggers.

FREE EBook on Kindle: Dare to Believe: The True Power of Faith to Walk in Divine Healings and Miracles By Becky Dvorak

Dare to Believe: The True Power of Faith to Walk in Divine Healings and Miracles By Becky Dvorak

20130807-103200.jpg“Where do sickness and disease come from, and what can we do about it?

In this book, Becky Dvorak conveys a clear message from Scripture—human beings have been created in the mirror image of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; we are a little lower than Elohim; and we’ve been given authority over satan and all of his works by the redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ. Dare to Believe traces sickness and disease from the Garden of Eden through the ascension of Christ and teaches you how to walk in divine healing and miracles. This book will equip the Body of Christ by showing how satan is the one responsible for sickness and disease—and Christians aren’t subject to the devil’s works!…”

Free Kindle Book 8/5/2013 – 8/9/2013: But God: Two Words to Freedom by Jennings Wright

Free Kindle Book 8/5/2013 – 8/9/2013: But God: Two Words to Freedom by Jennings Wright


“Do you find yourself unsatisfied with “church as usual,” but don’t know why?

Do you wonder if the Christian life you’re living, which is like all the other Christians around you, is all there is?

Do you wonder why all the exciting stuff in the Bible seems so far from your own life?

Jesus came to set us free, but most of us don’t know what that really means. Find out in BUT GOD: Two Words to Freedom! Each chapter expands on the definition of Godly freedom in this life, and is followed by study questions to help you fulfill the purpose God has for you in His Kingdom on earth. Find out how living outside the Christian box; following Biblical principals regarding debt, forgiveness and relationships; and acknowledging the battle we face if we are advancing God’s Kingdom can set you free to be all that God created you to be.”

FREE EBook on Kindle: Work as Worship: How the CEOs of Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and more bring meaning to their work

Work as Worship: How the CEOs of Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and more bring meaning to their work

20130729-101122.jpg“The time has come for us to see a purpose for business that goes beyond money and that has a vision for this economy that goes even beyond this earth. Built around twelve themes: calling, leadership, character, success, money, stewardship, balance, disciplines, relationships, pluralism, ethics and giving, Our Souls at Work opens our collective eyes to the spiritual nature and mission of our daily work…”

FREE EBook on Kindle:Diving in Deep by Nora Ballew

Free Kindle Book 07/28/13 – 07/30/13: Diving in Deep by Nora Ballew

20130729-100702.jpg“Follow Kelly’s story as she tries to figure out her not-so-normal family, realizes the power of prayer, and learns to trust that God knows what He’s doing.”

FREE EBook on Kindle: Power for Living By T. D. Jakes

Power for Living By T. D. Jakes

20130727-103857.jpg“How often have you cried out for God, Why? Why dont people understand me? Why do I struggle? Why do I have problems? The answer: Because you are anointed! Best-selling author T.D. Jakes writes, I used to have the wrong notion that when you are really anointed, you no longer have problems or rough times. But you show me anybody whos really Holy Ghost, knee-jerking, tongue-talking, casting-out-demons, laying-hands-on-the-sick, miracle-working, world-changing, mind-transforming, mind-boggling, head-straightening anointed, and Ill show you somebody who cried in the middle of the night and suffered all night long, wondering where is God. But, my friend, I have to confess that through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus. Through it all, Ive learned to trust in God.”

FREE EBook on Kindle: The Deborah Company: becoming a woman who makes a difference by Jane Hamon

The Deborah Company: becoming a woman who makes a difference by Jane Hamon


“The Deborah Company is an inspiring combination of historical and modern women who made or are making a positive difference in their church, home, community, and world.
The author’s personal experiences, sprinkled with humor, will encourage you to overcome the challenges that women uniquely face in gender-biased church cultures, in secular society, as well as in balancing the call of God through strong marriages and families. Not just for women, this book is also for Christian men and church leaders who should know how women can best fulfill their role and destiny in His Kingdom.”

FREE EBook on Kindle: Touching Godliness by K.P. Yohannan

Touching Godliness by K.P. Yohannan


“So often we stand on the outside, looking in. We watch others who have a sincere godliness, but it seems beyond our reach. K.P. Yohannan challenges us that we, too, can touch godliness as we follow Christ down the path of total surrender and submission. Chapter by chapter, he gently confronts us with truth that few others are willing to say-truth that leads to the abundant life we so desire.”

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