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My Sunday Sermon Journal: Hark, Zechariah!

My Sunday Sermon Journal

A collection of thoughts, ideas, and notes taken from a Sunday Worship Service.


We’re truly blessed by this church! With every sermon we learn something new about the Bible and a great lesson to apply to our lives today.

It’s amazing how Zechariah and his wife endured years and years, into their 70s, anxiously praying for a child. Then one day, so much later in their lives than they had ever anticipated, God blessed them with a baby boy. This boy would become John the Baptist. What a significant person, “voice” of God, John would become, arriving all in perfect timing. Not OUR timing but His.

We learn here that patience is never easy and we may become frustrated not knowing Gods plan through everything we’re going through but…The thing God is doing in your life is always BIGGER than the thing God is doing in your life.

So pray over Gods will to be done, and await God’s timing.

Watch the sermon HARK, Zechariah!

Pastor: Doug Kyle
Sermon: Hark, Zechariah!

  Series: Hark! Angelic Instructions worth Heeding

Aired 12/15/2013

Sermon Outline: Follow Along!


My Sunday Sermon Journal: Listening to God

My Sunday Sermon Journal

A collection of thoughts, ideas, and notes taken from a Sunday Worship Service.


Pastor: Charles Stanley
Sermon: To Whom Are You Listening
Aired 06/09/2013

Listening to God

Why do people choose to not listen to God?

They don’t understand why God allows things to happen, they don’t understand that God has a special plan. People who don’t listen to God do not accept the fact that Gods plan is unbeknownst to them and far better than they can imagine. They don’t forsee His plan, so they don’t listen to Him when He guides them to it. Some people have a rebellious spirit and as a result they don’t listen to God.

Why are people angry with God?

As has just been said: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” Hebrews 3:15

Anger doesn’t upset God, He doesn’t get angry that you’re angry with Him. He has a reason for everything He does and doesn’t do in your life. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean you should be angry with Him. Anger only hurts yourself.

When you don’t listen to God, you’re too busy filling your mind with ungodly things.

You cannot live a godly life and ignore the Bible. Period.

If you’re going to listen to him you have to be sensitive to what the Bible says
-what He says. He speaks to us primarily (but not limited to) through His Word.

People who don’t listen to God are only interested in satisfying something within them that truly only God can satisfy. And they will never be satisfied until they let God into their life. People are deceived by the sounds of the world and its appeal.

The world will do and say anything to get your attention. What does a commercial
compare to the Almighty God? He is sovereign. If God can’t get our attention we
need to tune our minds to Him and not what the world has to say.

Why can’t I hear God?

When people harbor sin, unforgiveness, etc., they cannot hear God. Sin deafens the ears.
We’ve allowed the world to direct our lives. We’ve allowed the world to tell us many things about ourselves, which The Bible says is untrue. Such as, how we should dress, what we should look like and what we should believe. The world tells us what the perfect woman is to look like and the perfect man. But the world’s image is false. The world tells us many false things and leads us to believe things under false pretenses. Be careful to be right with God and there will nothing between you, keeping you from hearing Him.

How can I tell if it’s God talking?

How to identify the voice of God…
How to differentiate my voice from His.
Always, Gods voice will be consistent with the Word of God. It will never be inconsistent. He doesn’t contradict.

So one way to know is if the voice of God matches the Word of God.

The Bible is a guide book, an instruction book, and we should read it as such.

Often times what God says conflicts with human nature, with what we think. He may require you to do something that’s in conflict with our own thoughts. But He knows how He has equipped you. He knows the talents and skills you have to succeed at anything God will tell you to do. When God commands us, we may not understand but He doesn’t make mistakes. He will not set you up for failure. This is a great example of God’s love for us. He does not give empty promises. He is a man of His word.

His voice is always going to clash with our fleshly ideas. God is not going to allow you to remain in the same faith level. He wants you to grow. If you insist on not letting God tell you what to do, God will challenge your faith. By the will of God our faith grows, He lifts us up in ways we’ve never dreamt. This is another way to tell if you’re hearing Gods voice, and not your own.

1.) Is what He saying scriptural?
2.) Will what He commands ultimately bring you closer to Him? (Simply obeying Him will bring you closer!)

People who obey the Word of God keep the Bible in their life. They follow the Word of God and listen to Him. Often times His voice is in the silent moments. God will give you an answer and speak to your heart during silence. He works in different ways, all motivated by love. He’s not vague. He’s very specific. He’s always sure. We need to listen to Him because we all have needs in our life, everyday. He will supply our needs.

We need to know our need.

Sometimes we misidentify our needs. If we’re not listening to God, we try to
fill a need when it’s not what we truly need.
In all your life, the only decision you need to ever make is to obey God and listen to Him. You shouldn’t have any decision to leave God out of. He is the great encourager. He is the great comforter.

Some people live their life without the comfort of God. How do people live when they suffer a loss without the comfort of Him? Anything in life we can’t handle-we need strength- God can handle it. He is the great controller.

He is all knowing and all powerful. He gives strength, assurance, love. No one can do that like The Lord.

When you are in tribulation and all these things come upon you, in the latter days you will turn to the Lord your God and be obedient to His voice.
Deuteronomy 4: 30

How do I know His will? By talking and listening. Take time to pray and then
time to listen. God commands us to be still because He will talk to us.

God gives us His very best. He doesn’t operate on mediocrity.

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