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Run-on Thoughts About 9/11


Today marks 13 years. Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the news reached their ears. For most of us, the memory still sears our thoughts like it were only yesterday.

For many, though, it’s far deeper than anything we could experience watching the news. The events of 9/11 tore apart many families, took thousands of lives and still stains the hearts and lives of many in emotional and physical repair. It seems insufficient to pay my respects and go about my day.

Today I will not only remember, I will pray for those involved. I will pray for those that survived and the families left behind. I will not simply reflect for a good couple of minutes and carry on my life. I am immeasurably blessed and undeserving to have been spared my life during such a time when thousands weren’t. It’s amazing what we don’t foresee in the future and how much we are saved on a day to day basis. We may never know why…why this person died and why this person now suffers every waking moment to get past that horrific day. It’s a constant struggle, still, for many.

Today I want to remember them- all of them. I want to pray for every life that’s been sacrificed since then as a result. Let us not forget the events on 9/11/12…

Today I want to live for those that were lost on 9/11. Their lives can be lived through each of us. I want to be living proof that hate can be overcome by love. God’s love knows no bounds, it’s unconditional and forgiving. I want to share that as best as I can and know how.

I want to live in peace and harmony with those around me. I want to be a living proof that not only does tragedy awaken fear but that fear can be overcome and defeated. We cannot live behind our bolted doors every single day. We cannot live in fear for the next tragedy either. Let’s live this legacy for America. The enemy cannot win the hearts of those grounded faithfully in Jesus. Let us not succumb to fear but to have joy in knowing that to die is gain and to live is Christ.

Today I remember, live fearlessly, pray and spread God’s love.


Memorial Day


Today I may miss my husband, but deployments are nothing in comparison to what the widows and loved ones of a fallen hero face every day. Their grief doesn’t take a day off since it’s a holiday, and it doesn’t stop even after one such as Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is not about BBQs, parties, fairs, festivals, or retail sales. Memorial Day is a day to remember. A day to reflect and give thanks. Our country may not be perfect or even be run by perfect officials, but we have amazing Americans who gave their life for a greater purpose. The sacrifice they paid provided us a better future and freedoms not afforded in countries all over the world.

We are a privileged nation and we need to remember those who made that possible. Many young people today don’t realize the gravity of that fact. Despite the best efforts of our history teachers, it still doesn’t click: Thousands of people DIED for YOU to be free.

Many young people don’t understand that freedom isn’t free at all. Because it’s become a norm for them, it’s become an “entitlement”; something which they feel they deserve by being born.

Memorial Day is not for the entitled youth but a day for all of us to reflect in the legacy thousands of people have fought for. This legacy empowers something within each of us which states: America will never be defeated because we are brave, strong and determined.

Even today, as I watch the news there are troops in places of turmoil. Today is for the thousands lost years ago and those in recent months who have also given their lives.

God bless, America 🙂


When Our Hate For Sin Goes Too Far…

Someone recently posted on Facebook about a man getting raped several times in prison as a result of raping his toddler son. People commenting were spewing hate toward him and saying things like, “Serves him right!” for committing such a horrific crime and receiving this abuse afterward. I am sickened by this man’s actions and that is something he will forever have to live with. I pray for his soul, because only God can take a sick, broken man and renew his heart. But I am also sad by those applauding the actions done to him. “Eye for an eye”? Really? I don’t condone his actions but then I don’t condone any rape. Even if it is done to a rapist himself. I’m not sure what actions will be taken to the other prisoners involved, and what will become of this man in his future, but the boy needs Jesus, and HIS revenge, not ours. We are human but this is savage.

I can not be okay with this. My mind agrees with the others and wishes the man to hell. But my heart says, “No. This is wrong. Jesus would not have condoned this.” I’m not asking for people to feel sorry for him- because his crime was indescribably horrid- but I’m asking for us to take a step back. We are here on this earth to witness and serve others. In this way, we should be trying to fix the broken by telling them about Jesus, pray for healing, and pray for forgiveness.

What good could possibly come out of this? He “learned his lesson”? There is no good. All I know is that God had no part in that. That’s what my heart tells me, that’s what the Holy Spirit keeps telling me. This is heartbreaking.

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Angry With God?

A lot of people have so much anger against God that they refuse to celebrate Him on days like today. I truly pray for those who hold resentment, that they realize that God has all the love and mercy toward us. Of anyone in our lives HE has always been faithful to us, despite our sin He desires good for our lives. Just because we don’t understand in the mysterious ways He works in our lives, that doesn’t mean we should be angry. God loves you…no matter how you feel about Him. Give Him another chance and let Him prove not only His existence but His love for you.

GRIFFIN by M.C. Wright on SALE on Kindle! {Book Relaunch}

newimageCheck out the RElaunch of a new book series called Griffin by M. C. Wright. Apparently, there’s been a few tweaks on Amazon including a brand new book cover!

Abby Cannon discovers her recent move and new friends in Knoxville are more than coincidental. Caught in a snare weaved by a band of secretive friends, Abby seeks to untangle herself before she’s killed by the creatures who chase her. A handsome museum curator may have the answers she needs; but, he’s as evasive as her new friends. Even her ex from Atlanta seems to be involved.

In her quest for the truth, she discovers ancient myths, deception, and a death that affects her more than she ever expected. A single act thrusts her reality into a world that isn’t supposed to exist- at least not to an ordinary person. This world reveals itself to her and expects her to be part of it. Abby must choose her fate in a battle of good and evil. Either way, she knows the world as she knows it will never be the same.

====A book whose main character struggles with her identity alongside an ancient war of good and evil. Who can she trust?
Sequel Coming Summer 2014!!!

My Review: This is a great, entertaining read, for young adults. It is very clean, not preachy, and full of adventure. The Christian message is very subtle, yet there’s a distinct line between good and evil. The main character finds herself at the edge of good and evil, which is something we all face: deciding right from wrong.

It was very interesting seeing the young character battle with emotions and fears, similar to what young girls face in their youth.

The author will be coming out with the second book this summer! Check out the first book now!

Unanswered Questions-Turmoil & Christians’ Roll in The Mess of Sin


Benghazi Attacks- Gov’t Betrayal-End of Times Unfolding

After the attacks on Benghazi, pictures of victims strung across my newsfeed and new channels. These graphic images depict how volatile and immensely violent humans can be. People are being raped, tortured in unthinkable ways and murdered in unimaginable ways: ALL of which is exploited on media outlets. Have we commercialized death? (That’s a different topic in itself!)

They need to release the official autopsy report of Ambassador Stevens…This makes me petrified seeing what SIN is capable of. Sometimes I can’t wait to reach heaven and be free from all of this evil on earth. I sound like my grandmother, actually. She always wished The Lord would take her because she couldn’t be free from pain- even if it weren’t her own…it affects us all. I pray that The Lord have mercy on the souls brutally murdered on that terrifying day, September 11, 2012. There were several communications to Washington stating their legitimate fears of an imminent attack and all communications were ignored.  What constitutes NEGLECT? How does the government “absolve” their responsibilities with repeated denials and empty apologies? It just doesn’t seem to justify why things occurred in the first place. With evidence of our government officials acting against their constitutional oath, how is it that the American people seem to have looked the other way? With social media as the most effective form of communication these days, these reports, statements, pictures and pure FACTS are strewn all over the internet, yet justice has not won.


The Innocent: Non-Existent on Earth

…I think what alludes me sometimes is the fact that no one is innocent. I sit here and wonder how many innocent people are murdered all over the world every day, but no one is innocent on earth. We are all plagued with sin. What only few realize is that we have a Savior who cleanses our sin. Only through our Savior can we be delivered from evil, for left alone humans would self-destruct…as we are seemingly doing right now in the world. The more Christ is denied, the more turmoil there will be in the world. Statistic reports, reporters, journalists and any analyst of the world can try and conjure up their own excuse for why things are happening, but that’s the bottom line: Sin exists and people deny Christ.

Earth is saturated with sin and evil, it’s almost suffocating. You feel like you want to shout to the heavens for God’s rescue team to come and save us. But our mission, as God’s children, is not yet complete. Much more of prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Is this the end of times? Well, my grandmothers’ great-grandmothers’ grandmother (you get the idea) used to predict the end of times was near but years later and it hasn’t happened yet. The world is still mulling itself through the dirt one lie at a time.


The Future of Our Souls

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s our job as Christians to shed this light into the world. Jesus Christ shines through us, and it’s our job to show that light. We must show the light of Christ in our hearts, for the world is in desperate need of a Savior…And whether they know it or not, that Savior is Christ. It’s time to be the example to non-believers that OUR faith is REAL. Our God is REAL, our Savior came to pay our debt and HE IS ALIVE.

Time to roll up our sleeves, pray for the souls of this world, including the ones in the White House. Pray for answers in our corrupted government and for God’s Justice to reign on the Benghazi attackers and others responsible.



My thoughts aren’t always very organized, so forgive me if this post seems a bit scrambled. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and tell me if you’d like more tangents like this one or if you’d like this site to refrain from such writing.


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I talk about church theology and being mindful of changes within the church.

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Forgiveness That Lasts Through The Holidays

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The Poison in “I”

The questions of uncertainty or words which appear certain but have no face value with God. Without Him to make important decisions, we are bound to lead ourselves away from Him.

Below are some statements that we all have told ourselves (at least most of us) at one point or another. Below each question is a response. I can’t tell you I haven’t thought so strongly about a direction I wish to make, only to feel deep in my core that it wasn’t Gods Will. The moment I released myself to accepting that my “dream” may not be HIS, is when He was finally able to take control of my life. And that’s when your life unravels like never before.
I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. Don’t try and convince me otherwise.

That’s nice but what does GOD want you to do? You need to ask yourself that before you lunge forward off your own ambitions.

I keep telling myself this is right. This is the best thing that’s happened to me.

That’s nice but what is GOD telling you? He’s the best thing that’s ever happened in all of human existence. His opinion should count for something.

I know what I need for my life and I know what makes me happy.

If what you need doesn’t include God first and foremost, it’s time to re-evaluate. If you find yourself trying to manipulate a situation to appear positive in the “Christian” light, it’s time to rethink your motives.

I’ve been praying about this for a while. It seems like the best thing for me.

You may have been praying but you must also listen. Prayer with God is not a one way conversation and what seems like the best thing for you, if it’s not Gods Will then you could be leading yourself astray. Make these major decisions cautiously and always in constant dialogue with Christ. He will direct your steps if you remember to listen. And then your “it seems”
will be “I know”.

The reason I titled this post “The Poison in ‘I”” is because we need to realize how poisonous it can be…especially when making major decisions. “I” can be selfish and when making a definitive statement about an important decision, I want it to feel like more of an OBEDIENCE TO GOD than a decision I’ve made on my own.

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