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The Truth About Yoga


If you’re a Christian and do yoga, have done or are thinking about doing yoga, read this:

“I felt peace descend upon me for the first time in my life.”

The Truth About Yoga

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“It’s no wonder why our culture is so heavily engrossed with sex.”

I wrote an article recently on my other blog about the Golden Girls. I haven't 
received much response from it, so I'm assuming people don't agree! Check it out 
for yourself here and let me know your thoughts!

Free Online Bible Study: April 23rd @ 7pm PST

This month we’re doing a great bible study by Heather Bixler, called “Be You”. This mini study takes place every Wednesday, 7:00PST online! It’s completely free! All I need is your email to send the invite. 


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Please join us this coming Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00pm PST. Sign up below:

Easter History vs American Easter Traditions Today


Here is a great article I found concerning Easter, where a lot of Easter traditions originated, and how we can apply a Christian perspective.

I struggled with similar questions around Christmas. Most of Christmas is commercialized and most of my Non-Christian friends still celebrated. It’s concerning to me because this is a holiday, like Easter, which may have had the best intentions, whether they were adopted from a pagan practice or not, but businesses have materialized the meaning. The focus shouldn’t be on the Easter bunny, candy, an Easter basket, egg coloring or egg hunts. If you see that those are where your family tend to gravitate, consider reading the article here and consider incorporating more of Jesus, and less bunny.

I think that these traditions are harmless but at the same time they can be a deceiving distraction. We don’t want to get caught up in these traditions and haphazardly attend church without much more attention or thought. We should start our own traditions, where there are less gifts and candy, and give each activity a purpose. It’s important that although many of these traditions have stories which can tie into faith, the Bible doesn’t have any of these. Our focus should be the Bible. If that means completely changing your Easter festivities, so be it. I’m reevaluating how we celebrate Jesus, on Christmas and Easter, to be sure I’m not being lured into worldly customs and views.

Anyway, that’s my spiel- read the article for some history! Happy Easter to everyone :).

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Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study by Ashley Ferris- {GIVEAWAY!}

Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study By Ashley Ferris

About the Book:

Let’s explore the gift of friendship- what a devoted friendship looks like, how to handle the waiting period, and how to deepen current, valued friendships.

If you are in a season where you find yourself light on friends, I want this study to be an encouragement that this season will have an expiration date.

If you are in a place where you feel you have many friends, I hope you can use this study to evaluate the depth and purpose of those friendships.

It may spur you to take risks to deepen some already beautiful friendships. It may also help you see that there are some unhealthy ties that may need to be prayed over and potentially ended.

Finally, if you have friendships that are deep, but you tend to pull away when you are confronted, I hope you will see the value that lies before you. I pray that you will endure uncomfortable conversations with deep friends (that you know have your best interests at heart) in order to grow in friendship and as a daughter of the King.

Connect with author Ashley Ferris here:
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Questions For Christians Series #6: Will God Ever Give Up On Me?

I’m launching a new series called Questions For Christians. These questions are compiled from personal conversations and research from non-believers.


Will God Ever Give Up On Me?



We see in Romans 1:24-32 where God “gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts…”. Other translations may say “gave them up to…” as well. Many people feel like God abandons a person. However you would like to phrase it, God essentially, let’s go of the sinner. This is a hurtful part of Free-will. We can deny God repeatedly and refuse to obey Him. We have that “freedom”, but not without consequence.

I experienced this in my own life. God did not abandon me in the term that we understand it today. He let me go. He left me alone, no more convictions and feeling guilt or shame. He released Himself of me and He watched as I controlled my life. At this point, obviously, my life went in a fast spiral downward and in the wrong direction. I had ignored Him, denied Him, and rejected Him repeatedly.

I was in a very bad place in my life when I realized I had stopped hearing God’s voice. I had stopped caring about anything else but what I wanted. In this dark place of my life, I also realized that I couldn’t control my life and be happy. I thought I knew what I wanted and I chased things which weren’t good for me only because it was what I wanted in that minute. I realized that if God didn’t take control of my life, I would end up dead.

At this point, I starting crying out to God. He was right there. No more games, no more crying out because I needed a hand-out…this was real. When I cried out to God, He listened and He was there. I began doing things He wanted and doing things for my life which would take me out of the turmoil I was in.

There are times when God will let you follow your own path, so that you may realize how destructive we are on our own. So that we realize how much we need Him. Sometimes, people don’t go back to God and become so consumed by the sin they’re encapsulated in…but I like this analogy: God is Home. He’ll try to keep us with Him until our behavior with sin inevitably forces God to let us go. No matter where we stray or for how long, you can always go back Home.


*All scripture is from the New International Version unless noted otherwise.

Questions For Christians Series #5: What if someone was raised in a different religion?

I’m launching a new series called Questions For Christians. These questions are compiled from personal conversations and research from non-believers.


How would someone know any better if they were raised in a different religion?



The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has set eternity in our hearts. He has given us knowledge of Him even in His creations (Romans 1:20.) Which means that God has put the knowledge of His EXISTENCE into our hearts. The reasons we do not pursue Him and grow in knowledge of Him is because of our own pride and selfishness . In Deuteronomy 4:29 we learn that God is available to us when we call!
Should we decide to seek Him, who has been instilled in our hearts, we will find Him. It’s as simple as that. God is a Just God. When people blatantly deny Him, their hearts are cold and they will not see eternity in Heaven.

**All scripture is from the New International Version unless noted otherwise.

Questions For Christians Series #4: Is Questioning God Okay?

I’m launching a new series called Questions For Christians. These questions are compiled from personal conversations and research from non-believers.


Is Questioning God Okay?



Throughout the Bible, God is questioned. We can see throughout Psalms, God is questioned repeatedly. The biggest difference between how we’re questioning Him is this: Are we questioning earnestly, or are we questioning God’s goodness?
In questioning Him, we must already believe in Him and have faith in Him. It’s harmless to ask God things like, “Why did this happen to me?”, “What is the purpose of this?”, or “What do you want me to do next?” These types of questions don’t put God Himself to question but His purpose- His plans (Hebrews 11:6).

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Questions For Christians Series #3: How to discern God’s voice from Satan’s voice?

I’m launching a new series called Questions For Christians. These questions are compiled from personal conversations and research from non-believers.


How to discern God’s voice from Satan’s voice?



I recently wrote an article about discerning the voice of God but I will recap briefly here. First of all, anything God tells you will never contradict the Bible. God does not manipulate, deceive, coerce or lie. It helps knowing how God feels about you, His creation, to really get a good perspective of what someone, who loves you so deeply, will say (Ephesians 2:4-5.)

Most of the time we can easily discern His voice from our own worldly desires but we are not always accepting to it. This can be difficult when we have our own plans and you convince yourself that your ideas are better. But God always knows best (Proverbs 3:5.)

Another tip to discerning His voice is to ask yourself if your “options” or thoughts will ultimately give glory to God (1 Corinthians 10:31.) It can be a challenge to ask this question, especially if it’s something simple. If you’re looking to purchase something, I would say that as long as you can afford the purchase and it does not disobey God’s laws, such as what is modest and appropriate, then you should be okay. Which brings me to my next point.

If you want to go out with friends and go to a club where there will be excessive drinking and provocative dancing, this will not glorify God and it is also blatantly against scripture (Proverbs 23:20-21, Ephesians 5:18, 2 Timothy 2:22.) Putting those decisions alongside God’s Word will help you decide what is best and which “voice” to listen to.

Eventually, things will become easier and the more you familiarize yourself with God’s Word and the more you have a constant dialogue and relationship with Him, the better things will be in discerning His voice.


*All scripture is from the New International Version unless noted otherwise.

Does Suicide Send You to Hell?

Does Suicide Send You to Hell?
Is Suicide The “Unforgivable” Sin?


I did a little research on a particular subject which some Christians appear to be confused about today. While I already knew the answer, I wanted to find something which had biblical evidence to support the truth to the matter and a good read that will make sense to Christians.

I came across this article and I’m anxious to share it with everyone. I know there are lots of articles on the Internet but this wraps it up accurately.

Read the article HERE.

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