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The Truth About Yoga


If you’re a Christian and do yoga, have done or are thinking about doing yoga, read this:

“I felt peace descend upon me for the first time in my life.”

The Truth About Yoga

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Tolerance Exists: Let’s Be Prayer Warriors for Meriam Ibrahim



We keep seeing her beautiful wedding picture but in reality right now she is chained in prison. It’s hard to grasp such a drastic change in one’s life all because she refuses to denounce her Christian faith. It’s sad the lack of tolerance for religion these days.

Yesterday I was going to the store. As I was pulling into a parking spot a woman, in the car next to the spot, suddenly opens her car door to get out. I quickly stopped so I could give her room to get out before I pulled in completely. She looked up, noticed this, and smiled at me. She was a Muslim woman. Little did she know, with my cross earrings on that day, she was smiling at a Christian. I honestly don’t think she would have reacted any different.

Not all believers are murderers and intolerant. While we may not agree on each other’s beliefs, and even secretly pray for one another, we should continue to show love and compassion.

I pray that the government of Sudan releases Meriam, her new precious baby girl, and her little boy. We have to learn that attempting to force someone to convert, is not true conversion. Forcing someone into any religion, will not get them to truly accept that religion as truth, thus it will not “save” them. Christians can take a lesson on that as well.

I look back on the times when I was not right with God, I didn’t care if He existed and down in the deepest layer of my soul, I hated Him.

My bitterness did not lead me anywhere but in a downward spiral. All of this time, I remember the seeds. A select few people in my life came along and planted seeds in my life. Some people planted and left and some people stayed.These are the seeds we need to be focusing on. Kind of like little “Jesus impressions” on the hearts of people.

God bless Meriam for her courage, bravery, and planting seeds in every single unsaved soul of the world who reads this story. I’m sure she had no idea God would use her in this way, that her life would be threatened, the life of her children at risk, all for the purpose of reaching others. Cold-hearted humans placed her in jail but I feel like her rich and authentic faith has spoken volumes across the world and God is using this experience to plant seeds in the lives of millions.

Let’s keep praying for her and her entire family. Let’s be prayer warriors for Meriam as she is a warrior for Jesus.




Easter History vs American Easter Traditions Today


Here is a great article I found concerning Easter, where a lot of Easter traditions originated, and how we can apply a Christian perspective.

I struggled with similar questions around Christmas. Most of Christmas is commercialized and most of my Non-Christian friends still celebrated. It’s concerning to me because this is a holiday, like Easter, which may have had the best intentions, whether they were adopted from a pagan practice or not, but businesses have materialized the meaning. The focus shouldn’t be on the Easter bunny, candy, an Easter basket, egg coloring or egg hunts. If you see that those are where your family tend to gravitate, consider reading the article here and consider incorporating more of Jesus, and less bunny.

I think that these traditions are harmless but at the same time they can be a deceiving distraction. We don’t want to get caught up in these traditions and haphazardly attend church without much more attention or thought. We should start our own traditions, where there are less gifts and candy, and give each activity a purpose. It’s important that although many of these traditions have stories which can tie into faith, the Bible doesn’t have any of these. Our focus should be the Bible. If that means completely changing your Easter festivities, so be it. I’m reevaluating how we celebrate Jesus, on Christmas and Easter, to be sure I’m not being lured into worldly customs and views.

Anyway, that’s my spiel- read the article for some history! Happy Easter to everyone :).

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Does Suicide Send You to Hell?

Does Suicide Send You to Hell?
Is Suicide The “Unforgivable” Sin?


I did a little research on a particular subject which some Christians appear to be confused about today. While I already knew the answer, I wanted to find something which had biblical evidence to support the truth to the matter and a good read that will make sense to Christians.

I came across this article and I’m anxious to share it with everyone. I know there are lots of articles on the Internet but this wraps it up accurately.

Read the article HERE.

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Aging: Isn’t it a bad thing?

I just found this article in my search for “aging” in the Christian and Biblical point of view.

I hope you find it as enlightening as I have when it comes to age, the inevitability we all face.

Today’s society has painted an idea of age to appear almost poisonous and unfortunate. Something that if you’re lucky with “good genes”, you’ll wisp by your forties and fifties with only the subtlety of a wrinkle or age spot. And although some companies have promoted the beauty of gray hair, it’s not a wonder why their products have flopped simply as a result of our preconditioned ideas of AGING.

In this article you will not only find that aging is a gift from God, but that it’s not solely determined upon appearance as it is to the rest of us. Hopefully, upon reading this article, you will adopt a new outlook on aging and look in the mirror a bit differently next time…

The Bible Speaks On Aging

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“Our Son Has Impacted Thousands, Though He Lived Only a Few Minutes”

This story is so heartbreaking and yet, at the same time, it beautifully shows just how precious life truly is. Even through tragedy, a truly heartwarming lesson can be learned by everyone around the world. This little boy’s life was sacred, treasured and immeasurably loved. In his last few moments on earth he was enveloped in his parents overwhelming love for him. It is remarkably beautiful to read a story which holds Gods gifts in the regard which they should be held. Please read and share their story with everyone you know.


“In his short life of just a few minutes he has touched more lives then I ever could have imagined.”

Read their story HERE.

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How Does God Reveal Himself To Us?

20130607-120856.jpgHow Does God Reveal Himself To Us?

God reveals Himself to us in many ways:
1.) He created every person, every bird, every tree. With these creations we see the vastness and complexity of each of these things and know that a much higher power was involved. We were not spontaneously conceived but rather delicately and intricately designed. Our species, especially, is too intellectual and spiritual to simply resolve to the theory that we were made from a single organism (which had developed from nothing.) Greater hands were at work.
2.) He revealed Himself to us through Jesus Christ. In human flesh, Jesus, was pure and sinless. He was sent so that all sinners can be saved. He paid our debt.
3.) He reveals Himself to us in the Bible. We read the Bible and know that He exists. Often times, I can feel His very presence whether I’m at church or reading scripture or talking to others about Him. He is everywhere.
4.) He reveals Himself through love. God created love. But to let us experience it, He had to give us free-will. We cannot feel love if we are “programmed” to say “I love you,” it wouldn’t be real. By giving us free-will He risked us going astray from Him, but just as you have children knowing that they will experience some sort of pain, loss, or heartache in their life, God created us because there is still a chance of us experiencing love, joy and happiness.
5.) He reveals Himself when we pray. Prayer is truly powerful, and it’s another gift from God. A way to communicate with Him by just talking and expressing what’s on our hearts. And no matter what some will tell you, God listens and He answers every prayer.
6.) He reveals Himself to us in His perfect timing. When we put complete trust in Him, He takes control and things in your life begin to amaze you. Only when you give Him your life, will you see wonderful things at work.
7.) Through the birth of a child, you see God. God created this. God created the complex yet miraculous human body, one that fights off millions of infections everyday without us knowing. Our bodies were truly designed by a greater being, in the way a woman’s body rapidly changes to prepare for childbirth and then changes again thereafter. Our bodies are infinitely more miraculous than any scientist or doctor can explain. Miracles happen in the operating room every day.

There are so many ways in which God reveals Himself to us, it’s a wonder why then some people still cannot see Him. Maybe they’re looking for some scientific formula to satisfy their craving for a methodical answer…but where physics fails to answer your questions, or where chemistry can’t formulate an explanation, God is there. God has always been there. He wants a relationship with you but you need to have faith in Him, and believe in His existence. He shows us in so many ways, He has even had the Bible written so that there is no doubt! But still people can be stubborn to believe in something they cannot touch.

But let me give you this analogy: what is the wind then if you cannot see it? You can see how the branches on the trees react to it, you can even feel it, but you can’t see it. Does that mean then that wind does not exist? Of course it exists.

Please know that in writing this message, it’s my only desire to explain to you that God is real. This was not written with any ill intentions, and I hope this receives you well. Please feel free to comment with any questions and how I can be praying for you.

With love,
Author: Rachel C.

“On Behalf of All Fathers”

20130612-204802.jpgA special Father’s Day article by Chance Scoggins. If you don’t know what to give your dad this Father’s Day, Chance has it all figured out. Read about the touching conversation he had with his daughter and what he suggests is the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Read what he has to say HERE.

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“I Am Also A ‘Product’ of Rape”

Dani’s Story


“I am also a “product” of rape. Very few people know this about me…

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer and facing death, she told me there was a good possibility that my Dad was not my father and how it occurred. She also told me that she did not tell anyone else because no one would have believed her.

The mental anguish she endured was evident throughout my entire childhood, but the cause was unknown to me at the time.

My mother told me the man’s name and the many similarities we shared. This man, my real father, had been married with children. He was a known philanderer. He was also a well known outspoken activist and politician. He died when I was only two years old.

Last year I met a gentleman by the same first name as my possible father. Instinctively I asked his last name. It was the same name my mother had mentioned. I immediately stood up, reached across the table with my arm extended to shake hands and said, “Nice to meet you Michael, I might be your sister.” A DNA test confirmed our relation. I have since met my three other half-siblings.

I am not a mistake.

My life is worth living and so is the miracle that is my daughter. I am grateful everyday that my mother chose life instead of a back alley abortion. Thank you Mom! Thank you God!”

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“They Tried to Convince Me to Abort”

Lianna’s Story


“I simultaneously found out that I had cancer and was pregnant with my fifth child. The doctors even told me that test results showed that my baby would be born with Spina bifida. They tried to convince me to abort.

They thought I was crazy for refusing treatments for a baby that may not live anyways.

But God gave me peace in my decision.

I not only gave birth to a perfectly 100 percent healthy baby boy, but my cancer actually went into remission on its own.

No one had an explanation for this. But I know doctors don’t know everything. Sometimes God chooses to heal our bodies from cancer here on earth, and others He heals in heaven. In my case, we have a testimony of His Glory and a reason for why we choose to believe in Him and follow after Him.”

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