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“She changed my life without ever taking a single breath”

She changed my life without ever taking a single breath

Get out your tissues, this is such a beautiful story of how a mother chose life, and through tragedy, has no regrets. She has such a profound value of LIFE, and I admire her for her faith.


“…You accomplished more in your brief time on Earth than many do in a lengthy lifetime. The purpose of each life is not ours to decide – it is determined by God alone…”

Read her story HERE.

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“Ireland Sees Largest-Ever Pro-Life Rally, 60,000 Protest Abortion”

Ireland Sees Largest-Ever Pro-Life Rally, 60,000 Protest Abortion

This is great news for Ireland! It’s always amazing when we read about countries with large supporters of the LIFE movement. It helps us to know that AROUND THE WORLD, we are not alone in this fight.


“More than 60,000 pro-life people gathered for what sponsors are calling the largest-ever pro-life rally against abortion that Ireland has ever seen…”

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“A letter to my aborted half-sibling”

A letter to my aborted half-sibling

This story shows us a perspective that is rarely seen, but still very real. The impact abortion has on their siblings, present and future…


“I did not even exist when my half sibling was killed, yet it has affected me tremendously.”

Read their story HERE.

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“Our Son Has Impacted Thousands, Though He Lived Only a Few Minutes”

This story is so heartbreaking and yet, at the same time, it beautifully shows just how precious life truly is. Even through tragedy, a truly heartwarming lesson can be learned by everyone around the world. This little boy’s life was sacred, treasured and immeasurably loved. In his last few moments on earth he was enveloped in his parents overwhelming love for him. It is remarkably beautiful to read a story which holds Gods gifts in the regard which they should be held. Please read and share their story with everyone you know.


“In his short life of just a few minutes he has touched more lives then I ever could have imagined.”

Read their story HERE.

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“Against all odds, conjoined twins born to woman who refused abortion”

Against all odds, conjoined twins born to woman who refused abortion


“God is good and he knows what he is doing,” she continued. “I’m so honored to call them my children.”

Pray for this young woman and her new precious twins. God bless her for choosing life.

Yet Another Time Doctors Were Wrong: They Even Told Her She Should Abort

‘This baby is not going to survive!’: courageous mom pressured to abort chooses life


“This brave mother, when told by three medical experts to end the life of her baby, stood firm in her role to protect, love and nurture her little one. She chose life despite the fear of the unknown.”

Read how beautiful Ava survived despite doctors list of reasons she would not survive. Turns out, not only were the doctors wrong about everything on the list, they had also recommended abortion, thankfully something Ava’s mother refused. Praise God she chose life!

Read their story HERE.

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Rep Foxx Tears Up Urging Congress To Ban Late Term Abortions:

Part 4 of Rep. Foxx’s astounding speech:

“I Am Also A ‘Product’ of Rape”

Dani’s Story


“I am also a “product” of rape. Very few people know this about me…

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer and facing death, she told me there was a good possibility that my Dad was not my father and how it occurred. She also told me that she did not tell anyone else because no one would have believed her.

The mental anguish she endured was evident throughout my entire childhood, but the cause was unknown to me at the time.

My mother told me the man’s name and the many similarities we shared. This man, my real father, had been married with children. He was a known philanderer. He was also a well known outspoken activist and politician. He died when I was only two years old.

Last year I met a gentleman by the same first name as my possible father. Instinctively I asked his last name. It was the same name my mother had mentioned. I immediately stood up, reached across the table with my arm extended to shake hands and said, “Nice to meet you Michael, I might be your sister.” A DNA test confirmed our relation. I have since met my three other half-siblings.

I am not a mistake.

My life is worth living and so is the miracle that is my daughter. I am grateful everyday that my mother chose life instead of a back alley abortion. Thank you Mom! Thank you God!”

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“They Tried to Convince Me to Abort”

Lianna’s Story


“I simultaneously found out that I had cancer and was pregnant with my fifth child. The doctors even told me that test results showed that my baby would be born with Spina bifida. They tried to convince me to abort.

They thought I was crazy for refusing treatments for a baby that may not live anyways.

But God gave me peace in my decision.

I not only gave birth to a perfectly 100 percent healthy baby boy, but my cancer actually went into remission on its own.

No one had an explanation for this. But I know doctors don’t know everything. Sometimes God chooses to heal our bodies from cancer here on earth, and others He heals in heaven. In my case, we have a testimony of His Glory and a reason for why we choose to believe in Him and follow after Him.”

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Inspiring Story: Saving Lives From Garbage Bins

2012085200lou-pIf you haven’t read about this wonderful woman’s story, read it now! This article was first published in 2012, but continues to be read around the country. Read about this dying woman’s dedication to children which led to the rescuing and raising of at least 3o children.

“I realized if we had strength enough to collect garbage how could we not recycle something as important as human lives. These children need love and care. They are all precious human lives. I do not understand how people can leave such a vulnerable baby on the streets.” ~Lou Xiaoying

Read her story HERE.

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