When Our Hate For Sin Goes Too Far…

Someone recently posted on Facebook about a man getting raped several times in prison as a result of raping his toddler son. People commenting were spewing hate toward him and saying things like, “Serves him right!” for committing such a horrific crime and receiving this abuse afterward. I am sickened by this man’s actions and that is something he will forever have to live with. I pray for his soul, because only God can take a sick, broken man and renew his heart. But I am also sad by those applauding the actions done to him. “Eye for an eye”? Really? I don’t condone his actions but then I don’t condone any rape. Even if it is done to a rapist himself. I’m not sure what actions will be taken to the other prisoners involved, and what will become of this man in his future, but the boy needs Jesus, and HIS revenge, not ours. We are human but this is savage.

I can not be okay with this. My mind agrees with the others and wishes the man to hell. But my heart says, “No. This is wrong. Jesus would not have condoned this.” I’m not asking for people to feel sorry for him- because his crime was indescribably horrid- but I’m asking for us to take a step back. We are here on this earth to witness and serve others. In this way, we should be trying to fix the broken by telling them about Jesus, pray for healing, and pray for forgiveness.

What good could possibly come out of this? He “learned his lesson”? There is no good. All I know is that God had no part in that. That’s what my heart tells me, that’s what the Holy Spirit keeps telling me. This is heartbreaking.


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