GRIFFIN by M.C. Wright on SALE on Kindle! {Book Relaunch}

newimageCheck out the RElaunch of a new book series called Griffin by M. C. Wright. Apparently, there’s been a few tweaks on Amazon including a brand new book cover!

Abby Cannon discovers her recent move and new friends in Knoxville are more than coincidental. Caught in a snare weaved by a band of secretive friends, Abby seeks to untangle herself before she’s killed by the creatures who chase her. A handsome museum curator may have the answers she needs; but, he’s as evasive as her new friends. Even her ex from Atlanta seems to be involved.

In her quest for the truth, she discovers ancient myths, deception, and a death that affects her more than she ever expected. A single act thrusts her reality into a world that isn’t supposed to exist- at least not to an ordinary person. This world reveals itself to her and expects her to be part of it. Abby must choose her fate in a battle of good and evil. Either way, she knows the world as she knows it will never be the same.

====A book whose main character struggles with her identity alongside an ancient war of good and evil. Who can she trust?
Sequel Coming Summer 2014!!!

My Review: This is a great, entertaining read, for young adults. It is very clean, not preachy, and full of adventure. The Christian message is very subtle, yet there’s a distinct line between good and evil. The main character finds herself at the edge of good and evil, which is something we all face: deciding right from wrong.

It was very interesting seeing the young character battle with emotions and fears, similar to what young girls face in their youth.

The author will be coming out with the second book this summer! Check out the first book now!


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