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My Sunday Sermon Journal: The End of it All

My Sunday Sermon Journal

A collection of thoughts, ideas, and notes taken from a Sunday Worship Service.


This week was FULL of blessings! This sermon raised so much awareness within me. My notes were scribbled all over the page! The overall message is to not to take advantage of Christ. Sometimes we use Jesus and our relationship with Him to achieve our goals and to ultimately reach what we want…But Jesus should be the END GOAL. HE should be the goal.

We took a look at Johns disciples in John 3:22-31. They didn’t have a relationship with Jesus as almost viewed Him as “competition” when Jesus began baptizing. Now, Jesus sis personally affecting John. What we do is always compare ourselves to others. But God gives the orders and John’s response in John 3:27-30 is amazing!

“I can only be faithful with what I’ve been given.”
“I am not the Savior of the World.” He repeats this numerous times to people, to ensure they don’t follow HIM but Christ.
“My joy is to hear of Jesus’ success.” His goal was JESUS! He sought to please Jesus, bring people to Jesus, and put Jesus ahead of himself in everything he did.
“Jesus is greater than me.”

Whatever we have, we need to have a relationship with Christ. There are “side effects” to not seeking Him. He IS the Heights- Don’t use Him!

I love Johns response! He knew his role. He’s the VOICE from which Jesus can be heard. God used John to bring people to Jesus, not to John himself. The goal was always Jesus.

The speaker used a great analogy here. He said as though the church is the bride of God, John was the “best man”. He was about the “marriage” of us to Jesus.

All we can do is use the time He’s given us, and we should be asking Christ not “When?” but “How?”

The problem for Us is that we easily make Jesus the means to an end, instead of the end itself. Using Jesus to help us get what we want…instead of seeing Jesus as the goal. I realized I do this in my own life. It really provoked lots of self-evaluation as far as what I’m doing to put Christ as my goal, instead of my own goals in life. This message is so profound.

“The most humble person in the room is usually the most interesting.” Lift HIM up. Jesus should inspire you, He’s our safety net but He’s not simple any of these. He is everything.

Watch the sermon The End of it All

Pastor: Geoff Horn
Sermon: The End of it All

Aired 01/05/2014

Sermon Outline: Follow Along!


Unanswered Questions-Turmoil & Christians’ Roll in The Mess of Sin


Benghazi Attacks- Gov’t Betrayal-End of Times Unfolding

After the attacks on Benghazi, pictures of victims strung across my newsfeed and new channels. These graphic images depict how volatile and immensely violent humans can be. People are being raped, tortured in unthinkable ways and murdered in unimaginable ways: ALL of which is exploited on media outlets. Have we commercialized death? (That’s a different topic in itself!)

They need to release the official autopsy report of Ambassador Stevens…This makes me petrified seeing what SIN is capable of. Sometimes I can’t wait to reach heaven and be free from all of this evil on earth. I sound like my grandmother, actually. She always wished The Lord would take her because she couldn’t be free from pain- even if it weren’t her own…it affects us all. I pray that The Lord have mercy on the souls brutally murdered on that terrifying day, September 11, 2012. There were several communications to Washington stating their legitimate fears of an imminent attack and all communications were ignored.  What constitutes NEGLECT? How does the government “absolve” their responsibilities with repeated denials and empty apologies? It just doesn’t seem to justify why things occurred in the first place. With evidence of our government officials acting against their constitutional oath, how is it that the American people seem to have looked the other way? With social media as the most effective form of communication these days, these reports, statements, pictures and pure FACTS are strewn all over the internet, yet justice has not won.


The Innocent: Non-Existent on Earth

…I think what alludes me sometimes is the fact that no one is innocent. I sit here and wonder how many innocent people are murdered all over the world every day, but no one is innocent on earth. We are all plagued with sin. What only few realize is that we have a Savior who cleanses our sin. Only through our Savior can we be delivered from evil, for left alone humans would self-destruct…as we are seemingly doing right now in the world. The more Christ is denied, the more turmoil there will be in the world. Statistic reports, reporters, journalists and any analyst of the world can try and conjure up their own excuse for why things are happening, but that’s the bottom line: Sin exists and people deny Christ.

Earth is saturated with sin and evil, it’s almost suffocating. You feel like you want to shout to the heavens for God’s rescue team to come and save us. But our mission, as God’s children, is not yet complete. Much more of prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Is this the end of times? Well, my grandmothers’ great-grandmothers’ grandmother (you get the idea) used to predict the end of times was near but years later and it hasn’t happened yet. The world is still mulling itself through the dirt one lie at a time.


The Future of Our Souls

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s our job as Christians to shed this light into the world. Jesus Christ shines through us, and it’s our job to show that light. We must show the light of Christ in our hearts, for the world is in desperate need of a Savior…And whether they know it or not, that Savior is Christ. It’s time to be the example to non-believers that OUR faith is REAL. Our God is REAL, our Savior came to pay our debt and HE IS ALIVE.

Time to roll up our sleeves, pray for the souls of this world, including the ones in the White House. Pray for answers in our corrupted government and for God’s Justice to reign on the Benghazi attackers and others responsible.



My thoughts aren’t always very organized, so forgive me if this post seems a bit scrambled. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and tell me if you’d like more tangents like this one or if you’d like this site to refrain from such writing.


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