The Poison in “I”

The questions of uncertainty or words which appear certain but have no face value with God. Without Him to make important decisions, we are bound to lead ourselves away from Him.

Below are some statements that we all have told ourselves (at least most of us) at one point or another. Below each question is a response. I can’t tell you I haven’t thought so strongly about a direction I wish to make, only to feel deep in my core that it wasn’t Gods Will. The moment I released myself to accepting that my “dream” may not be HIS, is when He was finally able to take control of my life. And that’s when your life unravels like never before.
I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. Don’t try and convince me otherwise.

That’s nice but what does GOD want you to do? You need to ask yourself that before you lunge forward off your own ambitions.

I keep telling myself this is right. This is the best thing that’s happened to me.

That’s nice but what is GOD telling you? He’s the best thing that’s ever happened in all of human existence. His opinion should count for something.

I know what I need for my life and I know what makes me happy.

If what you need doesn’t include God first and foremost, it’s time to re-evaluate. If you find yourself trying to manipulate a situation to appear positive in the “Christian” light, it’s time to rethink your motives.

I’ve been praying about this for a while. It seems like the best thing for me.

You may have been praying but you must also listen. Prayer with God is not a one way conversation and what seems like the best thing for you, if it’s not Gods Will then you could be leading yourself astray. Make these major decisions cautiously and always in constant dialogue with Christ. He will direct your steps if you remember to listen. And then your “it seems”
will be “I know”.

The reason I titled this post “The Poison in ‘I”” is because we need to realize how poisonous it can be…especially when making major decisions. “I” can be selfish and when making a definitive statement about an important decision, I want it to feel like more of an OBEDIENCE TO GOD than a decision I’ve made on my own.


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