Daily Prayer: My Appearance

Today’s Prayer Topic: My Appearance


Father, please give me a different outlook on my appearance. Sometimes I’m tempted to have plastic surgery or to permanently change my appearance in some way that would measure up to the “ideal” image. Society has told me that if you’re a woman you should have a small hour-glass figure with large breasts and that men should be muscular and tall. Contrary to these unrealistic expectations, I know You have created each of us in Your image and that each of us are beautiful. I also know that plastic surgeries motivated by selfish reasons is not Your desire for us. Lord, true happiness lies in You and You alone. Help me to reverse my thoughts on what a man and woman should look like and be satisfied with my body. Help me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of my body, and with that learn to love my image. Thank You for Your strength and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The purpose of our Daily Prayer:
-For new believers coming to know Christ who are new to prayer.
-The daily topics can highlight on issues that you’re currently struggling with.
-While there is no “perfect way to pray”, these prayers are great to be added to your own prayers each day.


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