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Today’s Quote: “Difficulties to a Christian are…”

Difficulties to a Christian are only miracles that have not yet happened! -Anonymous


Today’s Quote: “The beautiful thing about this adventure called faith…”

The beautiful thing about this adventure called faith is that we can count on Him never to lead us astray. -Charles (Chuck) Swindoll

FREE EBook on Kindle: Work as Worship: How the CEOs of Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and more bring meaning to their work

Work as Worship: How the CEOs of Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and more bring meaning to their work

20130729-101122.jpg“The time has come for us to see a purpose for business that goes beyond money and that has a vision for this economy that goes even beyond this earth. Built around twelve themes: calling, leadership, character, success, money, stewardship, balance, disciplines, relationships, pluralism, ethics and giving, Our Souls at Work opens our collective eyes to the spiritual nature and mission of our daily work…”

FREE EBook on Kindle:Diving in Deep by Nora Ballew

Free Kindle Book 07/28/13 – 07/30/13: Diving in Deep by Nora Ballew

20130729-100702.jpg“Follow Kelly’s story as she tries to figure out her not-so-normal family, realizes the power of prayer, and learns to trust that God knows what He’s doing.”

Today’s Quote: “God often comforts us, not by changing the circumstances…”

God often comforts us, not by changing the circumstances of our lives, but by changing our attitude towards them. – S. H.B. Masterman

Today’s Quote: “If I obey Jesus Christ…”

If I obey Jesus Christ in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the face of God. -Oswald Chambers

FREE EBook on Kindle: Power for Living By T. D. Jakes

Power for Living By T. D. Jakes

20130727-103857.jpg“How often have you cried out for God, Why? Why dont people understand me? Why do I struggle? Why do I have problems? The answer: Because you are anointed! Best-selling author T.D. Jakes writes, I used to have the wrong notion that when you are really anointed, you no longer have problems or rough times. But you show me anybody whos really Holy Ghost, knee-jerking, tongue-talking, casting-out-demons, laying-hands-on-the-sick, miracle-working, world-changing, mind-transforming, mind-boggling, head-straightening anointed, and Ill show you somebody who cried in the middle of the night and suffered all night long, wondering where is God. But, my friend, I have to confess that through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus. Through it all, Ive learned to trust in God.”

Today’s Quote: “…the discipline of keeping faith…”

Pressing on in painful circumstances is the discipline of keeping our faith when everything not only goes wrong but becomes worse. It means holding onto the Lord during deep trials and asking Him to hold onto us when we feel weak in faith and hope. -Sheila Cragg

Today’s Quote: “Don’t be afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to…”

Do not be afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any unforgiveness or bitterness. The longer you hide it, the stronger it will become and the harder your heart will grow. Stay tenderhearted. -John Bevere

Today’s Quote: “…the love of our fellow me should prevail over all hatred…”

Best of all, Christmas means a spirit of love, a time when the love of God and the love of our fellow men should prevail over all hatred and bitterness, a time when our thoughts and deeds and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God. -George F. McDougall

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