How Does God Reveal Himself To Us?

20130607-120856.jpgHow Does God Reveal Himself To Us?

God reveals Himself to us in many ways:
1.) He created every person, every bird, every tree. With these creations we see the vastness and complexity of each of these things and know that a much higher power was involved. We were not spontaneously conceived but rather delicately and intricately designed. Our species, especially, is too intellectual and spiritual to simply resolve to the theory that we were made from a single organism (which had developed from nothing.) Greater hands were at work.
2.) He revealed Himself to us through Jesus Christ. In human flesh, Jesus, was pure and sinless. He was sent so that all sinners can be saved. He paid our debt.
3.) He reveals Himself to us in the Bible. We read the Bible and know that He exists. Often times, I can feel His very presence whether I’m at church or reading scripture or talking to others about Him. He is everywhere.
4.) He reveals Himself through love. God created love. But to let us experience it, He had to give us free-will. We cannot feel love if we are “programmed” to say “I love you,” it wouldn’t be real. By giving us free-will He risked us going astray from Him, but just as you have children knowing that they will experience some sort of pain, loss, or heartache in their life, God created us because there is still a chance of us experiencing love, joy and happiness.
5.) He reveals Himself when we pray. Prayer is truly powerful, and it’s another gift from God. A way to communicate with Him by just talking and expressing what’s on our hearts. And no matter what some will tell you, God listens and He answers every prayer.
6.) He reveals Himself to us in His perfect timing. When we put complete trust in Him, He takes control and things in your life begin to amaze you. Only when you give Him your life, will you see wonderful things at work.
7.) Through the birth of a child, you see God. God created this. God created the complex yet miraculous human body, one that fights off millions of infections everyday without us knowing. Our bodies were truly designed by a greater being, in the way a woman’s body rapidly changes to prepare for childbirth and then changes again thereafter. Our bodies are infinitely more miraculous than any scientist or doctor can explain. Miracles happen in the operating room every day.

There are so many ways in which God reveals Himself to us, it’s a wonder why then some people still cannot see Him. Maybe they’re looking for some scientific formula to satisfy their craving for a methodical answer…but where physics fails to answer your questions, or where chemistry can’t formulate an explanation, God is there. God has always been there. He wants a relationship with you but you need to have faith in Him, and believe in His existence. He shows us in so many ways, He has even had the Bible written so that there is no doubt! But still people can be stubborn to believe in something they cannot touch.

But let me give you this analogy: what is the wind then if you cannot see it? You can see how the branches on the trees react to it, you can even feel it, but you can’t see it. Does that mean then that wind does not exist? Of course it exists.

Please know that in writing this message, it’s my only desire to explain to you that God is real. This was not written with any ill intentions, and I hope this receives you well. Please feel free to comment with any questions and how I can be praying for you.

With love,
Author: Rachel C.


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